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The photophore is a timeless decorative object that brings a warm and romantic atmosphere to any room in the house. It can be used to illuminate summer evenings on a terrace or to create a soft, subdued atmosphere in a bedroom or living room. Today, two iconic French craft brands have joined forces to create a unique and sustainable photophore: Q de bouteilles and the Manufacture de Digoin.

Q de bouteilles is a French brand that transforms wine bottles into glasses, vases, egg cups, boards, candles and other decorative and tableware items. Founded in 2016, the brand is on a mission to create the classics of tomorrow from recycled materials.

Manufacture de Digoin is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1875, specialising in the manufacture of stoneware and pottery in Burgundy. For over a century, the brand has preserved its know-how and expertise to create high-quality, durable and aesthetic products.

The glass cloche is made by Q de bouteilles from a magnum of Burgundy wine, highlighting the beauty of raw and recycled glass. The stoneware base is made by the Manufacture de Digoin. This photophore is a fine example of how two manufacturers can combine their skills to create something new and unique. It is also a tribute to French craftsmanship and the preservation of local know-how.

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